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How To Bridge to FireLink.Live Open Screens

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Direct IP / Port Feed

Get your IT technicians to add an additional route to our cloud server.

Use Our Free GPS SOS Tracking Application


Free FireLink Android App for Tablets and Smartphones

Datalink's FireLink or TrackLink Android application can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. This connects ground assets, personnel, or vehicles to WebGate or FireLink screens over cellular or Iridium satellite networks.

When an SOS is triggered, the alert appears on either WebGate or FireLink screens. Emails will be sent to emergency command hubs and any other email addresses the situation requires.


Upgrade Your System with the Latest Satellite Technologies


Satellite GPS Tracking for Ground Teams & Smoke Jumpers

The Solara Flare is the recommended GPS tracking and texting device for those firefighters and remote emergency services technicians that may be trapped or injured. The Flare will also link to smartphones and tablets over Bluetooth allowing for two-way text messaging. 


Solara Field Tracker 2100

The Solara Field Tracker 2100 is designed, tested, and built by Solara for easy portable use in the toughest, most extreme environments. It is 25% lighter than the Field Tracker 2000 that also includes a tactile-response keypad, for situations where the user would like a lighter unit to carry as they travel.


Get Internet Access Anywhere

The NAL QUICKSILVER broadband modem routes voice, video, and data over the Iridium low earth orbit satellite constellation with a typical delay of half a second.

The QUICKSILVER modem allows wildfire mobile command stations to have full internet access from any location. Link laptops, tablets and smartphones to the internet over WiFi.   Bridge to VHF/UHF portable radios.


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